Senin, 05 September 2011

Donny, Find Out What You Should/Can Do with Your Incoming Search Terms

 Hi Donny, 
This time I want to give you a little idea about what you can do with the keywords from the SEO Search Terms plugin. As always, the ultimate goal is to increase the number of visitors to your website. 
The following are the step by step blueprint of what I usually do: 
  1. Get all the keywords from 500 popular search terms and 500 recent search terms ( from the plugin admin settings ). 
  2. Use Google Keyword Tool to find related keywords and monthly traffic of each keywords (Google Keyword Tool limit the maximum input to 100 keywords, so it has to be done several times. Always login to your Adwords account to get the maximum 800 results.)
  3. Filter the results with minimum 300 Exact searches per month and a minimum of $1 CPS if it is an Adsense website. 
  4. Export all the filtered keywords to csv file. 
  5. Combine all the csv files exported from the Google Keywords Tool results into single csv file. 
  6. Import the csv file into your favorite research tool. I use the Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer (SKCA) software. 
  7. Run SKCA to find out how high the level of competition and the commerciality level of each keywords. 
  8. Export the final result from SKCA into a csv file. 
  9. Open the csv file from SKCA on Excel, and remove all the keywords in the Terrible/Bad categories ( competition is to high and low commerciality keywords ). We can use all the keywords in the categories Amazing, Great and Good. 
  10. Depending on what we needs, we can write a new article base on the keywords from SKCA, or editing an existing article. The most important thing is the article has to be having a 100% On-Page SEO score according to the Easy WP SEO plugin with minimum 500 words on it. 
  11. Go to Fiverr, and look for gigs on SEO such as social bookmarking, .edu / .gov backlinks, blog commenting services, SENukeX, and article submissions to the blog networks (UAW, MAN, SEO Linkvine, etc). Sort the results by Popularity, and I usually will only order a gigs that have at least 10 good reviews with maximum 4 days delivery time. 
This is just a blueprint of what I usually do. There is no exact formula, but you can certainly use it as a basic example of what you can do with the incoming search terms to get more visitors to your website. 
Resources summary: 
[Purwedi Kurniawan] 
PS: To check the SERP of each of keywords, we can use a free software such as Traffic Travis (in SEO Tools module > Positions / Rank).

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