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Jumat, 25 November 2011

Four SEO Case Study Videos, The Truth of Ranking #1 in Google SERP

Hi Donny,
Today, I finally finished watching all the video tutorials and case studies from Mark Thompson's SEO Debunked.
SEO Debunked consist of six video tutorials, one private plugin, three SEO diaries, and four case studies. However, the most interesting part of it, is the video case study. 
The first three videos is a case study of the winners of SEO competition hosted by Wordpress Goldmine forum, targeting "Fitness Bootcamp" keyword. Mark Thompson it self is the forum owner and has 100 sites ranking high in Google. 
In this three videos, we are led to see and compare the step by step's action taken by each website that made them the winner of the competition. Starting from how they built the website, what theme and plugins installed, how they structured the website, and what kind of content they use in their website. After that, the video also discussed on how they build backlinks overtime.
Video case study #4, is even more interesting. This video discusses how a 3-month-old website could become #1 in a super competitive niche. Not only it became #1 in the search results, it was also gets PageRank 6 in merely three months! 
I'm sure you'll love SEO Debunked.
Best Regards,

Purwedi Kurniawan
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Permata Tlogomas C17, Malang, Jawa Timur 65144, INDONESIA

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Rabu, 02 November 2011

Donny, Achieving Perfect Score for On-Page SEO

Hi Donny,
Since Google Panda, the role of a unique quality article with minimum 500 words and optimize with the on-page SEO is become more important than before. When the competition is low, even with only good on-page SEO now we will be able to get into the first page of Google search results.
I am always use Easy WP SEO plugin to handle all-aspect of my website On-Page SEO. Basically, it'll compare our page (it create a preview of what our article look like when Google come to visit) with a list of On-Page optimization. When the plugin found something that not in the list, it will tried to create it automatically, but when it can't, it will tell us so we can fix it manually.
Of course you can always handle those On-Page aspect manually. To help you with that, you can download the checklist of On-Page SEO to be compare with your article here.
Usually, it is quiet easy to achieve 80%+ score, but to achieving the perfect 100% On-Page score is kind of difficult.
Here are some tricks that I usually used to get the perfect 100% on-page score:
#1. Keyword inside H1, H2, and H3 title
H1 - Make sure your theme using H1 for post title.
H2 - We can add subtitle with keyword in H2 format right after the article title or inside the article content.
H3 - Similar to H2 above, or we can make the title of Related Post in H3 format and contain targeted keyword(s). 
For example: "Posts Related to Post Title (which always contain keyword)"
#2. Description meta tag begins with keyword.
Make the description begin with keywords. If it is not possible to form a sentence, we can always create a description like this one:
"Main Keywords. Short description about the article here."
#3. Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one external link.
Change a keyword to be a link to other website. But never link to competitor's website. The easiest way is creating a link to websites like Wikipedia, About.com, or even Google itself.
For example:
If you choose to hide those external links, you can always make it not to look like a link by using a code like this:
<a style="color: #333" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=MAIN+KEYWORD">MAIN KEYWORD</a>
Change the color code #333 into your theme default font color.
The other on-page SEO criteria are quiet easy to fulfill. So, with those tips and tricks above, I hope you could achieve perfect 100% on-page SEO score.
Best Regards,

Purwedi Kurniawan

Permata Tlogomas C17, Malang, Jawa Timur 65144, INDONESIA

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