Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

News and updates -

Hello dadang.

Although many "bux" websites have come and gone, 10Bux is still alive.
We were one of the first websites of this niche and maybe that's one of the reasons we still last long after many have come and gone for various reasons.
As you might have noticed, a couple of months ago we had many server-related problems, which deemed our website unavailable for a big amount of hours everyday, for about a couple of weeks.
Ultimately, our host finally gave us a brand new server, which seems to be running flawlessly since its implementation.
We waited until now to send this update to all of you, just to build confidence that this won't happen again anytime soon.
Despite our problem being solved, we noticed a big (and expected) reduction of traffic. Certainly many of you got fed up with our site's unavailability during that time, never to come back again, which is understandable.
That's why we are sending you this e-mail, remembering everybody that we are here since 2008 and we're not going anywhere.
We have added a few more self-sponsored advertisements to encourage you to come back everyday to maximize your earnings.

Also, let us remind you of some of the contests we have, that you may or may not be aware of:

Weekly biggest purchaser:
Every week, the person with the most money spent on our website (be it advertising, upgrades or referrals) gets $100. No bull, straightforward promotion.
Here's the link to see the stats of this promotion:

Login bonus:
Everyday a random member will be awarded $20. This happens only if the member logs in that same day. If not, the cash will be carried on to the next day. As an example, if no daily winner logs in for 5 straight days, that day's winner will be awarded $120 if he logs in. Won't you care to login just to check if you're the one? :)
Here's the link to see the stats of this promotion:

New referrals:
Every week, the person with the most real new referrals will be awarded $30. We check this carefully, please don't make more than one account. That will never get you the bonus and it will also get you banned.
Here's the link to see the stats of this promotion:

Finally, we have a few more perks, as we put up some special limited promotions to apologize to you for the time you could not reach us:

2-Year Premium Membership for the price of a normal 1-Year Premium Membership
Price: $29.00

200 Unreferred Members with 38% off
Price: $50.00

10000 Clicks Advertisement for a 6000-click normal price (4000 free)
Price: $50.00

30-day Banner advertisement (unlimited clicks!) with a 39% reduction

These special promotions are only available through these links! The prices at our website remain the same.

You can turn off notifications by logging in and switching it at the preferences menu.

Thank you, Team