Jumat, 25 November 2011

Four SEO Case Study Videos, The Truth of Ranking #1 in Google SERP

Hi Donny,
Today, I finally finished watching all the video tutorials and case studies from Mark Thompson's SEO Debunked.
SEO Debunked consist of six video tutorials, one private plugin, three SEO diaries, and four case studies. However, the most interesting part of it, is the video case study. 
The first three videos is a case study of the winners of SEO competition hosted by Wordpress Goldmine forum, targeting "Fitness Bootcamp" keyword. Mark Thompson it self is the forum owner and has 100 sites ranking high in Google. 
In this three videos, we are led to see and compare the step by step's action taken by each website that made them the winner of the competition. Starting from how they built the website, what theme and plugins installed, how they structured the website, and what kind of content they use in their website. After that, the video also discussed on how they build backlinks overtime.
Video case study #4, is even more interesting. This video discusses how a 3-month-old website could become #1 in a super competitive niche. Not only it became #1 in the search results, it was also gets PageRank 6 in merely three months! 
I'm sure you'll love SEO Debunked.
Best Regards,

Purwedi Kurniawan
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