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The Secret to Build Backlinks on 100% Autopilot

Hi Donny,
Last month I bought a really great SEO plugin called Backlinks Rotator from Rob Moore. And after one month using the plugin, I feel obligated to tell you about it. 
In short, the plugin will display our links in the sidebar or inside the article of other websites that also use Baclinks Rotator plugin. Hence, we gain automatic backlinks from those websites.
This is an email Rob received from one of the plugin user:
"Thought I would right you and tell you how great this is working. Really beyond my expectations. Way beyond. I have had many pages move to the first page of google in less than 2 weeks,

Using Yahoo site explorer I can see new links accumulating on all my sites that I have Backlinks rotator installed on. I also have links going directly to pages on a brand new site some of the pages have 70, 80, 90 backlinks in about 2 weeks.

Just incredible.

How long would it take me to make that many myself? forever! I never had that many of my own links show up after creating them.


To start building backlinks on autopilot, we only need to follow these simple steps :
  1. Install the plugin, 
  2. Add URLs + keywords that we want to build backlink, 
  3. Add the plugin widget in the sidebar (optional), 
And its done! The backlink will start building automatically in time.
The plugin using a credit system. We will earn 3 to 10 credits each time a visitor visit our page that have Backlink Rotator widget in the sidebar. For each credit, 1 of our link will be displayed in another website that also using the plugin.
Using Backlinks Rotator, we will get backlinks without the need to contact the website owner manually or have to pay them to put our links in their website.
If you don't want to display the widget in your sidebar, or your site is really new and don't have any visitors yet, you still can get more credits by pinging another website in the network. 1 ping equal 50 credits, and for each blog, you can click the ping button 10 times every 24 hours and gain extra 500 credits.
Best Regards
[Purwedi Kurniawan]

Permata Tlogomas C17, Malang, Jawa Timur 65144, INDONESIA

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