Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Password reset for ( b11_6485353 )

Hi there,

Your MySQL, FTP and Control Panel password has been changed to:

New password : m8bntfj5yx3d

If you are running any scripts which use your MySQL database you will need to edit your configuration and update the pasword to the new password!

For example, if you are running a word press website edit:


Locate the password

And change it to your new password ( m8bntfj5yx3d )

Joomla, Mambo, PHPbb and other popular scripts will be effected also! You will need to edit your config file(s) they are normally called config.php or configuration.php..

Locate the password and change it to your new password and save.

For your convenience your account information is below:


Cpanel URL: http://cpanel.byethost11.com
Username: b11_6485353
Password: m8bntfj5yx3d

FTP Username: b11_6485353
FTP Password: m8bntfj5yx3d
FTP HostName: ftp.byethost11.com

MySQL Host Name: sql305.byethost11.com
MySQL Password: m8bntfj5yx3d
MySQL UserName: b11_6485353


Please use the support system to contact us if you are having troubles.

Best regards

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