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Donny, INSTANTLY Add Authority to Our Websites

Hi Donny,
Do you know what is the similarity between Wikipedia, Huffington Post and Engadget? Yes, they all are authority websites and at the end of each article, they add outbound links to other websites, either as a source of relevant news, or as a reference. Not just them, a lot of authority sites also use the same approach.
Why they extensively use outbound links? 'Cause the outbound links to the authority website/related website will help to establish our site's relevance in Google and have a major impact on our site's ranking, especially after the introduction of Google's Panda. 
To emulate the same result, we can use Authority Links Maximizer plugin to make our website as a mini authority site in the niche.
The plugin workflow is simple, where first we create a list of authority websites that we wish to use as an outbound links, and the plugin will randomly add some of those authority links on each article on our site. 
# 1. Install
# 2. Build a list of authority sites using these two options:
  - Go to Manage Sites' menu, and click Add a Site button to add the authority link associated with our niche one by one, or
  - Go to Import/Export's menu, and import a csv file containing the list of authority websites. The easiest way to create this csv file is using Authority Links Scraper Bot that is offered as a one-time offer.
# 3. In the options' menu, we can set how many outbound links that would be added after each article.
The Authority Links Scraper Bot offered as an OTO will automatically collect the authority websites related to the keyword that we specified, and save it as csv file that we can import into the plugin. 
Honestly, I think that the bot should be included with the plugin, unfortunately, the plugin author decided to make it as an OTO. Without the OTO, we need to manually search and collect all the authority backlinks.
Best Regards,
[Purwedi Kurniawan]

# SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin
# SEO Auto Links & Related Posts Plugin
# ClickBank Sale Notification Plugin
PS: The plugin was build to add Authority to our sites by linking to authority websites it self. But we can also use it to add a backlink to our other sites. This is very useful to reinforce the backlink of our sites network :)

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