Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Check Your Website Page Speed/YSlow Score

Hi Donny,

Have you known about GTmetrix.com? Using this site, we can check
Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow score of our web site. This
information is very useful, especially since page loading
time is one of many element uses by Google SERP algorithm.

Try to check what is your web site Page Speed grade in GTmetrix. If
your website page loading time is more than four seconds, or having
a low Page Speed/YSlow grade (C or lower), it's meant there is
something wrong with your website.

Psychologically, visitors tend to leave a website with loading time
more than four seconds.

When your site has a low grade, GTmetrix will provide detailed
explanations of what is wrong with your site. This information is
very helpful to correct all the flaws in your current WordPress

As an alternative to fix those flaws, you can also use a ready-made
WordPress theme with Grade A Page Speed & YSlow, like this special

=>> http://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=B4IoA&m=3jsNzShvc0qowyZ&b=GBpv3Fj6.cBae1pY36L.Tw

GTmetrix gives their demo site an A Grade, both for Page Speed
(99%) and YSlow (94%), with page loading time around 1.4s.

Best Regards,
[Purwedi Kurniawan]

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