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Pinterest Tutorial – A Free Viral Traffic At It's Best And Simplest

Hi Donny,
As a form of my gratitude to you, feel free to download the step by step Pinterest tutorial and traffic report in this following url: 
The PDF file is protected, use this password to open it: xclusivewp
What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is one of the newest social media marketing sites to take the internet by storm and it really is taking the internet by storm. Although it's only been around for about 2 years it's already got over 10 million users, as well as raising itself in the search engines, which of course means plenty of backlinks to your site if you do it right.
It's addictive. And addictive social media sites (think Facebook games, apps and all that fun stuff) live, grow and become giants. It's simple, it's fun and people love using it. Most woman from the ages of 18-40 are already in love and addicted to it.
Pinterest allows you to have word of mouth marketing using pictures and videos. All you need is an interesting pictures/videos, a few "pinners" (Pinterest users) following your account and you are set to go. Just like a post in Facebook that is placed in everyone's feed, a Pin (an image/video you pin to one of your boards) is posted in all your followers feeds on Pinterest. 
You can also place a Pin It button on your site making it easy for Pinners (Pinterest users) to pin your site, and get more exposure, traffic and backlinks.
Currently, Pinterest is by invite only, so you either need to know someone who uses it already or request an invite from the site. Chances are, a simple post on Facebook or any other social media site you are already using, will get you an invite quickly. 
If you're not yet using Pinterest, you should start now.
Best Regards,
[Purwedi Kurniawan]

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