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Canon PowerShot SD1400IS
Canon PowerShot SD1400IS is a fantastic pocket camera capable of decent images with HD video recording as a bonus. It is small enough that it will get taken everywhere enabling capturing of all those special moments. I would highly recommend it to anyone, so long as they realize the limitations inherent to ultra compact cameras.

MTX Jackhammer Subwoofer
Incorporating numerous technologies that MTX has honed over 30 years in making the best subwoofers in car audio, the JackHammer is the culmination of all that is good in the subwoofer world. A huge 6.5" voice coil, 56 lb magnet and sand cast aluminum basket are essential components in the engineering of this massive subwoofer.

Adult Tricycle
Cycling is one of a popular outdoor exercise of all time, but not everyone knows how to ride a bicycle. There are also people who cope with disability or lack of stamina to sit upright on the two-wheel machine for a long period of time. Due to these reasons, adult tricycles are one great alternative as a mode of transport for recreational, competitive and industrial purpose.

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